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Asutosh Mookerjee Fellowships

Nominations for "Asutosh Mookerjee Fellowships of ISCA"

ISCA has instituted 10 senior Fellowships in the name of Asutosh Mookerjee Fellowships in the Centenary year to utilize the services of the Life Members of the Association who are active in high quality research in their specialized disciplines but have superannuated from their service.


The objective is to utilize the expertise of ISCA Members after superannuation primarily for research work in some R&D center/ university /colleges/ institute in India.


The fellowship is open to ISCA Life Members (with minimum 05 years of Membership) who have superannuated and are between the age of 65 to 70 years.

The applicant should processes a Ph.D. in Science / Engineering or MD in medicine.

The fellowship is meant for those who have a proven track record as evident from their Research publications and recognition.

Number of Fellowships

The number of Fellowship to be selected each year shall be decided by the Executive Committee from the panel recommended by the Selection Committee, to be constituted by Executive Committee. Usually, the number of Scientists to be selected each year will be based on the availability of vacancies and funds available with the Association. The total number of Fellowships at a time should not be more than 10.


The term of Asutosh Mookerjee Fellowships will be tenable initially for a period of three years, extendable for another two years after a review of the achievement of three year's works.


(a) The fellowship carries an honorarium of Rs.30,000/- p.m. such that monthly fellowship of individual Fellow should not exceed Rs.1.5 lacs (including initial basic pension and fellowship amount). The honorarium will be Taxable at source.

(b) Contingency grant will be Rs.1,00,000/- which includes the expenditure of chemicals glasswares, stationary, animal & feed, postage, part time services of a scientific assistant/secretary for typing , travel within country only, etc.


Nominations for the position shall be invited from the Life Members of the Association.

The nomination papers duly completed in all respects, signed, and routed through the Head of the Institution, where a scientist intends to work, should be sent to the General Secretary (Membership Affairs), so as to reach latest by July 15, 2022.


The names of Fellow thus selected shall be announced.

Activities Report and Renewal of Scheme

Fellows will submit an Annual Report of his/her research work at the end of each Calendar year along with duly audited statement of expenditure and utilization certificate for renewal and release of grant for the next year.

Contact Details

General Secretary (Membership Affairs),
Indian Science Congress Association,
14 Biresh Guha Street,
Kolkata 700 017,
Phone : 033 22874530,
Fax : 033 22872551,
Email : /

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List of ISCA Asutosh Mookerjee Fellows

Sl No. Name Year
1. Dr. A. K. Saxena, Kanpur 2013-14
2. Prof. B.P. Chatterjee, Kolkata 2013-14
3. Dr. P.Sivagnana Murthy, Bangalore 2014-15
4. Prof. Geetha Bali , Bangalore 2015-16
5. Prof. M.K.Jyoti, Jammu 2015-16
6. Dr. Malay Kanti Sikdar, Kolkata 2015-16
7. Prof. Avijit Banerji, Kolkata 2016-17
8. Dr. Ganesh Nanu Vankhede, Amravati 2016-17
9. Prof. C.M.Chaturvedi , Lucknow 2016-17
10. Prof. D.Mukherjee, Kurukshetra 2016-17
11. Dr. (Mrs.) V.L.Saxena, Kanpur 2019-20
12. Dr.R.S.Kulkarni, Karnataka 2019-20
13. Prof. S.V.Singh, Rana, Meerut 2019-20
14. Prof. P.R.Sudhakaran, Trivandram 2019-20
15. Dr. Manoj Kumar Chakrabarti, Kolkata 2020-21
16. Prof. Nirupama Agrawal, Lucknow 2020-21
17. Prof. K. S. Rangappa, Mysuru -
18. Dr. Arvind Kumar Saxena, Kanpur -

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