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VISIT : 108th Indian Science Congress

ISCA Best Poster Presentation Awardees

ISCA Best Poster Presentation Awardees for the Year 2014 - 2015

Name of Sections Name of Awardees
Agriculture and Forestry Sciences 1. G.C. Satisha, Bangalore

2. Jyoti Kaul, New Delhi
Animal,Veterinary & Fishery Sciences 1. Anubha Shukla, Lucknow

2. B. Bibin Becha, Kerala
Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences (including Archaeology, Psychology, Education and Military Sciences 1. Shumayla, Delhi

2. Indelah Khan, Delhi
Chemical Sciences  1. Saikat Kumar Seth, Purba Medinipur

2. Priyanka Thakral, Delhi
Earth System Sciences 1. S.S. Hangaragi, Bagalkot

2. Surjeet Singh, Jammu
Engineering Sciences No Award
Environmental Sciences 1. Shraddha Dwivedi, Lucknow

2. Tanmoy Basak, Santiniketan
Information and Communication Science & Technology & (including Computer Sciences) 1. S.Kanchana, Pollachi

2. Mamta Sharma, Chandigarh
 Materials Science 1. Mrinmoy Garai, Kolkata

2. Satyendra Singh, Allahabad
Mathematical Sciences (including Statistics) 1. Garima Manocha, New Delhi

2. D. K. K. Vamsi, Prasanthinilayam
Medical Sciences (including Physiology) 1. Meenakshi Batra, New Delhi

2. Rupsa Ghosh, Kolkata
New Biology (including Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology and Botechnology) 1. Sudha S, Coimbatore

2. Syed Mohammed Shoaib, Hyderabad
Physical Sciences 1. Suresh S, Kerala

2. Sudir Kumar, Lucknow
Plant Sciences 1. Amit Kumar Mishra, Varanasi

2. Nandini Yadav, Lucknow

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